Saturday, April 3, 2010

God's Judgment on Israel, Canaan and the Whole World

The land of Canaan was promised to Abraham but there was a problem- it was already inhabited. However, God in his foreknowledge knew that unrighteousness would increase dramatically amongst the people and in time would necessitate destroying many of them and driving out many others so that the souls of many might be saved.

 After four hundred years, when Israel was placed in a holding pattern in Egypt, the Canaanite evil grew. They grew in great depravity and the height of their worship to their gods was to burn their infant children alive.  They followed the pattern of Sodom and Gomorrah, the pattern of raping for fun and immoral sex in worship  and in time God said 'enough.' 
Judgment came.  It came through the instrumentality of Israel, a nation that had just passed through the judgment of God.  They had been found unfaithful and immoral and most of them- all but two had died in wanderings in the wilderness.  When a sobered and righteous Israel was prepared, they were used of God to visit judgment upon the inhabitants of Canaan. It was not because God hated Canaanites. And it was not to exterminate them.  Some were destroyed and some driven out.  Some became members of Israel and part of the lineage of  the King David, and eventually of Yeshua (Isa)/Jesus .  
God's intent for Israel was to inculcate into them the importance of righteousness, and to demonstrate in them and to them the terrible consequences of lives lived according to untrammeled lusts.  God's intent for Israel had a larger purpose to demonstrate in them the righteousness that God wanted all men to find, and the salvation that God wanted for all men to discover in that righteousness.  While God's actions towards Canaan was not genoicide it was heavenly eugenics in operation. God's intent was to raise of a righteous woman, the seed of whom would destroy the hold of evil in the world, as prophecied in Genesis 3, and later in Isaiah 7.

Despite the object lesson of the Canaanites, and their own terrible history in the wilderness, Israel nevertheless succumbed for the most part to the sins of the Canaanites that remained, and according to their own prophets were worse than the Canaanites had been. And the same Israel that had been used of God to judge the Canaanites became the objects of Divine Judgment through the hand of the Assyrians, and the Babylonians, who carried off the ten tribes into permanent destruction and the remaining tribes into a captivity from which only a small remnant returned to the land of Israel- God being no respecter of persons, or genetics. 

In the days that we find ourselves in the same unrighteousness that brought about God's judgment through the flood of Noah, and the fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah, and through the actions of Israel against Canaan, and of Assyria and Babylon against Israel, will again proliferate. We see that now as men all over the world commit a genocide against the unborn, sacrificing unborn babies through painful procedures for the sake of convenience. Saline abortion burns the baby.   Men want sex whenever and however they wish to have it, and do not want the inconvenient consequences of child-begetting to stand in their way.  Women do not want children because they prefer self-fulfillment to the self-sacrifice that love demands in the care of a child.  Again lusts are inflaming us and leading us to unspeakable barbarity- that we justify by Courts with men in long black robes, and representative assemblies called to order with the solemn tones of the gavel and sergeant-at- arms. 
Neverthless, despite our wickedness, God in His mercy always provides a way of escape.  In the days of Noah it was the Ark that was prepared. Noah preached righteousness but he was scorned, until the day the Ark was closed and the waters inundated the whole world. In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, God sent Lot among the people was a witness to righteousness, and in whose home were the visitation of the Holy Angels. Yet the people, rather than repenting of their sins at the presence of holiness, desired to rape the angels.  In the time of Israel's fall in the wilderness, God gave them ample signs of His Providential care yet they chose to live in unrighteousness, and fell in the wilderness. The Canaanites likewise did not repent and were destroyed and scattered that their evil not multiply and destroy endless souls. Israel fell into the same patterns again and was judged severely, only to have a remnant preserved, and that a mercy of God so that a savior could come through the lineage of Abraham, that the promise of Abraham might be offered to all men, that is the gift of Holiness, the gift of the Holy Spirit, given us by Yeshua/Isa/Jesus, the baptizer in the Holy Spirit, the seed of the Woman, prophesied by Moses in Genesis,  of the lineage of David,  of the tribe of Israel, that our souls might be saved. 

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  1. heavenly eugenics. So that is what needless mass murder is called now...