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2012- What We Know, What We Can Infer, and What We Don't Know

The year 2012 has been an interest for quite some time and has produced a movie based on some of the thoughts surrounding the year.  The inspiration for our interest in this year springs from ancient traditions that seem to suggest it as a time for the end of things as we know them.  There is much in Scripture that could lead one to conclude that the End of the Age is near.  Finally, there is the interesting fact that major players in the scientific world have suggested that there are some very possible scenarios that could unfold that might usher in an EOTWAWKI event.
What is is that we know about 2012, what is it that we can reasonably infer,  and what is there that we know is false and finally what is there that we don't know?

Let us start with science.
  1.   We know that there is a hole in the magnetosphere 10 times larger than anyone had ever imagined.  As commented on in a Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory episode Ventura-2012 -'the shields are down', alluding to Star Trek and the Star Ship Enterprise and its force shields that protected it from all sorts of nasty weapons.  This was discovered and reported in December 2008, by five Themis satellites put up there to snoop around and was discovered within the last five years.  NASA-breech
    • We know that the sun has an eleven year cycle of activity that involves a peaking of solar sun spots and coronal mass ejections and that will occur in 2012.   According to all the scientific opinion I have been able to glean, this peak of the eleven year cycle should be an especially nasty one,  admitted by NASA to be the worst in 50 yearsThere is a prominent physicist who makes the mainstream media rounds who sees real risk with this and talks about problems for our satellites in orbit, and the commmunications that depend upn them. NASA-11 year sun cycle 
    • We know that in 1859 that there was a huge solar flare, and that it fried the only serious electronics available at the time, and that was on the planet earth, and not in orbit around the earth,  and that was the telegraph communications network of America.  We also know that if we had a similar solar flare, it would take out the American power grid, knocking out most all the technology we depend upon for the most basic of needs, for many months to many years.  This is not just the lunatic fringe talking; this is NASA and NSA.   NASA-1859 Flare
    • We know that there is a marked upswing of earthquakes in this new millennium, though there are postings that a misleading and no real evidence that there was an increase during the 20t Century. Earthquakes last Century but in this Century and increase, both in magnitude and in number during the last decade.  Quake increase this decade
    • The weather has been getting more and more crazy all over the world with the Jet Stream doing nutty things. For the third year in a row it is, for example, hanging very low over Britain,  and causing disastrous weather events, and floods and droughts, that are wreaking havoc on many agricultural harvests. Whacky Weather This Decade
    • We know, that in addition to an upswing of earthquakes, there have been clusters of earthquakes occuring more or less in the same time frame, and associated with serious perturbations of the Earth's magnetosphere.  The satellite images of the magnetosphere show it being deformed even to the loss of the magnetic lines that come from the South Pole.  Furthermore these perturbations are not caused by any phenomenon that we currently know causes such things- there is not solar activity to account for it. 
    • We know that there is been a rapid shifting of the earth's magnetic north pole; it has been moving at a rate of about 37 miles per year for the past 15 or so years.  
    • We know from time lapse photography that there has been a skewing of the rotational axis of the earth slightly away from the North defined by the star Polaris.  In time lapse photography, we notice that the true center axis of the earth's rotation has been pulled a little off its traditional fixation on Polaris.  
    • We know that several nations of the world have become extremely interested in looking away from the earth with half dozen or more infrared satellite telescopes, that are not looking towards earth, and are not looking at the sun.  They are looking somewhere else.
    • We also know that on Dec 21, 2012 the earth with all the planets on one side of the sun will align both with the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
    • We know that the planets Uranus and Neptune have an obliquity in their orbits that cannot be explained by any gravitational effects in the known solar system, and that such gravitational effects have caused scientific speculation as to its cause for hundreds of years.  
    • And we also know that there is something going on that is altering the entire solar system in the same direction at once- it appears that there is a warming effect of some sort happening to all of the planets.  On Mars its polar ice caps have decreased 30 percent. Other planets are appearing more luminescent. Our moon is getting a sort of atmosphere from a rare gas. Warming of Whole Solar System
    Well, that is a list of what we know from science. 
    That something us up for 2012 is also apparent from the political behavior of nations- specifically the building of hardened, underground survival shelters for the continuity of the government and other essential service providers.  The United States has been in a building frenzy for the past decade all over the Nation, building such facility with blast doors, and capable of being submerged underwater, and with life support facilities and defense mechanisms built in.  This has been a rumor for a very long time on the internet, and with some amateur documentation, but totally unmentioned in the Establishment Media.  Jesse Ventura has outed this quite effectively in a recent Conspiracy Theory Episode, in which he showed some video footages of them, an interviewed an architectural engineer that is also building similar structures for the Rich, altering old Atlas ICBM silos in Kansas for survival from forces as strong as nuclear blasts, and submersion under water for long periods of time.  Under water for long periods of time in Kansas!  This man had inside knowledge of government programs, and stated that the target date for his facility and the governments is readiness by 2012.  He hinted at one such facility under a major United States airport.Denver Airport-Survival Bunkers-Ventura
    The Russians have been into this sort of activity as well building a facility that would support 100 thousand people under the Yamantau Mountain in the middle of Russia.Yamantau in Russia  A Russian Company vivos is also building survival shelters for 2012 in the USA.  US Underground Private Shelters The Norwegians are also known to have done such a thingNorway 2012, and the Israelis are involved as well, due to be completed by 2011. Israel Ready 2011  . The British and the Germans are in on it as well, but these facilities could also be used to survive a nuclear event.  Germany and Britain  The  the Rockfellow/Bill Gates  Foundations have come  together to build a Hardened Seed Survival Bank near the Arctic Circle.  Globalist Seed Bank
    There has been as well  the construction of a myriad of prison-camp like barbed wire detention centers all over the United States, designed to hold families, also done in a hidden way, with no stated purpose, but with the obvious purpose to manage restive masses of people.

    So,  for 2012 we have a lot of governments working in a feverish way to prepare for something big, and they are not telling us, the common people, about it.  They are working to ensure the survival of a few.  This is significant.  When Y2K loomed and it appeared that our computers might crash and take down our infrastructures, we and the nations of the world got busy and did something about it.  We did some patches and some work arounds and fixed it for the whole planet.    But now they are preparing for something so very big in their estimation, that they cannot prepare for all of us, and so they are going to extreme measures to protect the elite, without telling us about it.  And they are preparing for something they expect will take place in 2012.  Furthermore, they are not basing their decisions on the well-known Mayan calendar, but upon some other more hard evidence.   Finally, their preparations include massive numbers of detention camps to manage the general population, as if there will be something that comes to the attention of the general population that will be very disturbing, but that can be managed only by detention. 

    What fits the bill for this sort of catastrophe?  It is possible that there will be a coronal mass ejection in 2012 Solar Flare 2012that will take down our infrastructure but would not require the use of concentration camps to detain a population that learns well in advance of an earth-shattering cataclysm but can do nothing about it, and for which our government has prepared the instruments of survival only for a small elite.   Could it be that they are preparing for a global nuclear war?  It seems unlikely that all the nations of the world would know in advance that in 2012 we are going to hold a global nuclear war.  The shelters could be built  in such a way that they would also serve an additional purpose of surviving nuclear war but preparations for one to be pre-scheduled for 2012 seems unlikely.
    There are other possibilities out there-  that such shelters would help in the event of a rapid pole shift, but once again that would not be fixed to such a date as 2012. 
    What then is such an event that would fit the year 2012, and explain some of the other anomalies we have been seeing for the past decade, and be of such a catastrophic scope that the governments would decide to prepare only for the survival of the elite?
    In 1983 the IRAS infrared satellite telescope found an object they had been looking for.  For centuries  the orbits of Neptune and Uranus had perplexed astronomers because they showed a distinct skewing of their orbits that could be explained only by the gravitational pull of an unknown mass in the vicinity of our solar system.  In 1983 IRAS found the existence of a hitherto unknown planet that was dubbed planet X.  The announcement made some of the news media of the country, and I remember myself reading this with interest.  Here is a clip from the Washing Post

    Washington Post, December 30, 1983
    Possibly as Large as Jupiter

    "The mystery body was seen twice by the infrared satellite as it scanned the northern sky from last January to November, when the satellite ran out of the supercold helium that allowed its telescope to see the coldest bodies in the heavens. The second observation took place six months after the first and suggested the mystery body had not moved from its spot in the sky near the western edge of the constellation Orion in that time. "This suggests it's not a comet because a comet would not be as large as the one we've observed and a comet would probably have moved," Houck said. "A planet may have moved if it were as close as 50 billion miles but it could still be a more distant planet and not have moved in six months time."
    Some period of time after that, there was a sudden reversal, and the media said, 'oops, big mistake.'   At the time it seemed a very weak argument, and I resisted the new conclusion.  There was also a high level authority Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, died before he could publicize the fact that Planet X is approaching our Solar System. who was willing to talk about it after the abrupt black-out of information, and that same man suddenly died in very mysterious circumstances.  Harrington 1983  In the 1987 New Science and invention Encyclopedia , the work of the space probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 shows a clear map in which the two probes were able to triangulate the location of planet 10.  Pioneer and Planet 10

    NASA admits to Nemesis March 11, 2010.  It is called Nemesis or Death Star,  and is said to be larger than the planet Jupiter.    NASA NEMESIS . 
    The notable thing about this is that it is not taken up by the Mainstream news, and we have been conditioned to accept as reality only what is emphasized in the Mainstream media.  We know also that very alarming events are being deliberately under or unreported by the Major Media.  There was a major asteroid Impact in Columbia this year that was not reported in American Media.  Columbia Asteriod Impact
    There was also a huge meteor impact i Mexico that was unreported in the Mainstream Media
    mexico meteor
    In 1979 the name 'global warming' was chosen as a cover story to hide form the public the apocalyptic events that they knew then were coming our way now. 
    We also know that the solar year for earth changed from 360 days to 365 days in the 17th Century Before Christ.
     Sumerian , Mayan predictions
    Infrared Telescope Satellites pput in place since 2000.

    Google Sky has deliberately blocked out the exact coordinates that relate to the locate of Planet X. 

    gulf Stream Dead.  Gulf Stream Dead

    Earth passing into energy cloud
    energy cloud goat

    Russians say the whole solar system is changing and we are passing into an energy field
    Energy field
    also reported in Nature   Energy Cloud
    Gulf Current dead
    Gulf dead.

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