Monday, January 24, 2011

Profane Music, life in Christ, and the end of Time from a Hieromonk of the Eastern Church

Most candidates for monastic life have long since lost their taste for contemporary music of any kind and usually only listen to classical and church music.  But in any case it's a moot point for the novice, because we don't listen to the radio and the only CD's that are permitted are of classical and church music, so in this way "the world" gets immediately cut off.
For those still living in the world and not developing a deeper spiritual life it's a whole different problem.  Of course first they must be encourage to come closer to Christ and His Church.  The more they do this, the more they will find that they are gradually losing their taste and interest in these profane things, even if they aren't interested in monastic life.
With our children we simply forbade this kind of music and exposed them to classical music from a young age, also taking them to concerts, opera, etc.  We allowed the less harmful music from the pre-60's, and also Broadway Musicals.  But this is up to parents, if they can or will discipline themselves enough and love their children enough to protect them.

As with so much concerning the younger generation, we can only pray for them, try to give the best model and example possible, and believe that they are under the mercy of God.  But I'll tell you, if I were starting married and family life all over again, I don't think I would have children.  Those that are already born will be martyrs, either psychologically or literally, I'm afraid, if they adhere to Christ.  But as the Lord tells us in Scripture, "Little children, it is the end....Be not afraid, for it hath pleased the Father to give you the Kingdom."  --Fr. A

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